I Am So Grateful…


It is Thanksgiving weekend in the United States of America which honours the truly beautiful customary practice of giving thanks for all of Life’s Blessings.

“I AM SO GRATEFUL”… in truth these four simple words are the way in which we can release the flow of our Heart’s Love that will then draw back to us greater abundance.

“In the Giving is the Receiving” is another way of saying this. If you look around at the beauty of our natural world you will see the example of Life giving freely of its blessings without expectation of return. When there is a harmonious flow in that way, all the various parts of life just naturally work together in perfect, cooperative synergy to expand that beauty and perfection.

Us humans on the other hand spend far too much time counting the cost of our contributions as if they belonged to us in the first place! In reality they do not! They are Life’s Gifts and Powers loaned to us for our use… God Is The Giver Of All Good Things and if we would only remember to give gratitude back where it belongs, we would open the floodgates for more of those treasures to come in.

Its easy to take life for granted while all is going well but when we are faced with an inconvenience, or an illness, or a breakdown of something we habitually use, or a disaster of some kind… well that certainly reminds us how all these things big and small act together to bless each moment of our day!

In our modern world we have conveniences that previous generations would be astounded and delighted by. I remember for example, my father speaking of “washing day” in his home growing up when his mother would boil a huge copper on the wood fire stove to deal with the household washing… with the larger families of that time, that process would take all day!…. now with our dishwashers and washing machines, we push a few buttons and walk away… how lucky we are!… And what about all these digital devices that we habitually use and curse if they should stop working perfectly… each and every component has come into being through some person’s labour of love or inventive intelligence… do you ever think about that?? Have you ever considered blessing that computer that stores and displays your precious information or giving gratitude for the transportation that carries you and your loved ones from A to B, be it across town or around the world??….hmmmm… my list could go on and on!

… YES we truly have so much to be grateful for… SO TRY COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS instead of your costs, your troubles and your problems and I promise you, the gift of your Heart’s Love In Gratitude will return to you a thousand fold, every good thing in a myriad of ways!

Sending Waves of Gratitude and Joy to You All…



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