Manifestation Magic

Are you in need of INSPIRATION for a Creative Project?
Perhaps you are Birthing or Developing a New Business Idea?
OR EVEN Redesigning a New and more Authentic Version of Yourself to go forward with?

…. If so then I warmly encourage you to come and participate in our MANIFESTATION MAGIC Retreat coming up in March at the Vartamana Retreat Centre in the Wonderful Waitakere Ranges, Auckland!!!

This is the first time I am sharing my own tried and true creative processes which I have used myself for many years to manifest my own deepest, heartfelt dreams and ambitions. I am offering this GROUP EXPERIENCE now at this point in time because I have received the inner prompting to ‘gather my people’ – those like minded souls who have a deep desire to create their lives in conscious cooperation with all life – the divine plan for a harmonious, synchronistic, unfolding evolution and true honouring of our Beloved Earth and all the Beings who exist here.

As with all of my truly creative ideas, the initial prompting for this workshop was with me upon waking one morning a few months ago…. and when I receive these promptings I act upon them! …. so that same day I began my unique manifestation ritual which opens the way for the flow of ideas to take shape. Mindmapping came next and within an hour I had the framework for this 3 day experience ready to go!

You will see by reviewing the workshop schedule that the creative components above have been purposefully woven into our 3 Day Magical Adventure. The choice to hold the event over 3 days and nights is a conscious one. So much of what we do in our physical, waking hours is added to from the spiritual realms as we take our intentions into the Great Silence of ‘sleep’ each night. My experience is that the fullness of those spiritual gifts are returned to me on the magical morning of that 3rd day…this all bodes well for our closing Sunday activities!! 

Given that our Summer is in full swing in March and there is a desire in us all to move through the day at a slower, more relaxed pace… you will note on the schedule that  our workshop blocks each day are planned to give freedom for travel and arrival time and scope to fit homelife activities in as well. Besides, as you can read from my own example above – if you hold a sacred space around your creative planning, the ‘magic’ mostly happens outside of your conscious mind, thus less time is needed to shape your eventual logical, step by step manifestation plans!

I have a deep love and gratitude for the Beings of Nature and the Forces of the Elements who will always support our creative endeavours when there is a divine, constructive intent… so I am thrilled to have the pristine Waitakeres as our playground for this workshop and you can count on the fact that We Will Give Back To Nature Our Heart’s Call For The Sustaining Of It’s Purity For Generations To Come!

This MANIFESTATION MAGIC experience promises to be a delight for your senses with activities to meet all aspects of your being from the magical inner child to the priest / priestess within. Our use of sacred ritual is the container for profoundly deep and  respectful manifestation… AND AS A GROUP WITH OUR ‘COLLECTIVE HEART’ we have the capacity to build far greater momentum than we can as individuals!

My hope is that this 3 day event marks the beginning of a group energy that we can take forward through the coming year to support each other as our visioning truly unfolds in a visible, tangible way for each of us. If your heart resonates with what you are reading here I would encourage you to be in touch with me NOW and REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN ATTENDING so that I can hold a space for your presence at the event through the coming holy weeks as the New Year energies are coming through…

In Joyful Anticipation of All The Good That Is To Come,

Caroline ♥

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