Courage to walk your true path…

Greetings All,

Here we are already in the second month of 2018! I do hope the New Year has been kind to you all and you are settling in to the new energies that this year holds for you. Through this blog post I wish to offer you hope and inspiration  to:

The time is NOW and the world needs your love, your strength and most of all your LIGHT to make the transition necessary to usher in the more Enlightened Age for which we are destined.
So what is Courage and what does walking your true path mean exactly?

Well – I perceive Courage as a quality of Fearlessness and Determination to stand strong for a worthy purpose… your attention remains fixed and focused on achieving your goal NO MATTER WHAT APPEARS TO TRY AND THWART YOU!

Courage is the outpicturing of Self Mastery – having command of your emotional being that would succumb to the mass pressure or suggestion of fear, disappointment, limitation, poverty consciousness or whatever other “human” conditions we have all given power to, down through the centuries.

The truth is that if there is anything existing in your world that is not love and harmony or that does not give you the freedom of personal choice, then you need to face it and take your stand that it shall rule you no more! How many of you, for instance, remain in employment that may pay the bills but does nothing to enliven you or make you feel you are making the difference that you know in your heart you have come here to make???

Imagine what a different world we would live in if more of us actually took hold of our courage to follow our heart’s call and do what we know is the right thing for us rather than stagnate in situations that hold us repressed and depressed!
Truly ask yourself what is it that holds me back from taking the leap of faith I need to, in order to create the life that makes my heart sing???…

Perhaps you have become so comfortably numb in your current lifestyle that you wouldnt even know where your passion is anymore??? … Oh – I can hear all the “Yes Buts” coming… Yes they will come BUT you can choose to turn your back on them and simply CALL FOR THE COURAGE IT TAKES TO MAKE THAT FIRST STEP…

Look at the example of Fearlessness and Determination that shine from the eyes of the smallest of us when they are trying to walk… they might falter and fall but they get right back up and KEEP ON GOING until their own momentum becomes the self mastery that brings success STEP BY STEP!!!… and we are all born with that innate gift of courage that we can call forth and draw upon.

“Cour” is derived from the Latin word Cor meaning “Heart”… thus COURAGE is “The Age of the Heart” – the Timelessness of Eternity, the NOW where all things are possible so..

DARE to listen to that still voice of certainty in your heart that rings of Truth and calls you home to your light and ever propels you onward to expand and express the fullness of your true gifts of service in this world.

On the other side of that STEP INTO COURAGE is only greater freedom, delight, determination and courage to take the next step and the next…

I would love to hear your own stories of how summoning your courage to step out in a new direction to follow your inner compass has changed your life for the better… Lets inspire each other!

Sending Herculean Strength and Courage to You All to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires in 2018!


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