Divine Helpers

In the upper atmosphere of earth there exist many benevolent beings of Light and Love who we can call on for assistance to bring our heart’s desires into manifestation. Humans are endowed with the creative powers of life, yet, in becoming enmeshed in the illusion of our physical existence, we have forgotten our divine heritage and capacity to act as co-creators with the Greater life for the expansion of love in this world. All you need to do is open your heart and call these Great Ones to come closer to you and ask them to teach you of their divine gifts. They will always answer you in Miracle Ways!

Elohim: The Great Cosmic Beings known as the Seven Mighty Elohim are the Builders of this system of worlds. Their Sevenfold Flame of iridescent colours in the forehead of each life stream who embodies here, is their gift to us of their divine qualities of Illumination, Love, Purity, Strength, Protection, Peace and Divine Manifestation Power. 

Angels: Ever since I can remember, I have had a profound love for and awareness of the presence of Angels as Real Beings and Sacred Guardians of Life on Earth. These beautiful divine helpers ever stand ready to assist us in any activity which is constructive and fulfils the Divine Plan. Life has placed them here to render this service and answer our calls to annihilate all that is sinister and restore Purity, Love and Peace in its place. There are Legions of Angels we can call on in every domain of life’s activities be it music, healing or protection of ourselves, our homes and families, our creative business endeavours, or our nations. Below is a simple I AM decree you can use to call the Presence of Angels. Be sure to visualise and feel this reality as you speak it! 

“I AM Angels and Angels and Angels! In Limitless Legions Descend! I AM Angels and Angels and Angels! All of our loved ones defend! I AM Angels and Angels and Angels! Protecting now stand by us all! I AM Angels and Angels and Angels! Fulfil each instant our Call!”

Ascended Masters: Wholly Divine Beings, Ascended Masters are individuals who through their own self conscious effort, have earnt their eternal freedom from the chains of human limitations and mistakes. They embody pure love, light and perfection, and through the full, conscious use of their own God Presence within, wield “superhuman” power. They command complete mastery over all substance and energy and thus can move freely and at will anywhere in the Universe that their service is required. The Ascended Masters work at the inner levels of life to champion the expansion of the divine plan for the evolution of humanity and the earth. You might consider them your wise elder brothers and sisters that can be called on at any moment to support you on your own pathway to the Ascension. They have walked the same path as you and understand the challenges of every step. Now with limitless Light, Love and the All Knowing Mind of God at their command, they can help illumine your way and protect you in every activity you undertake that is constructive so long as your call is earnest, sincere and unselfish in its intent. Jesus the Christ in the Christian tradition is one such well known spiritual master who reached the attainment of enlightenment and through the example of his ascension and his great love, draws countless others towards the pathway of light. There are thousands of Ascended Masters and it is the true destiny of us all to sooner or later become the eternal outpicturing of our own Divine God Self. As soon as you accept this truth and begin making conscious effort to attain your ascension…. that process has begun and you cannot fail to experience greater mastery and perfection in your daily life.

Angel Blessings


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