Healing Body Mind Spirit

Sacred Healing techniques that give you back responsibility for activating your own Healing Presence and Self Mastery.

What healing tools do I use in a consultation?

I offer a safe, nurturing space where you will be met with love, compassion, dignity and the respect that you deserve.
My nursing and counselling background has given me a deep understanding of the human condition and all its physical, emotional and mental realms of complexity. I also have advanced training and experience in intuitive colour, voice / sound healing and bodywork.

Initially, you and I will discuss your reasons for seeking assistance and your health and wellbeing goals. Through sensitive questioning and intuitive coaching I will make an assessment to ascertain which of the approaches I offer will be most effective in meeting your need. It may also be that I recommend other natural health practitioners for assistance on matters outside of my area of practice.
Though you are welcome to attend a one-time consultation, typically I find that people benefit most from committing to a series of sessions to explore, address and resolve the longstanding health concerns or emotional issues they present with.
My focus is to re-empower you with the tools that you can then use yourself to sustain your own wellbeing. Contrary to outer world opinion, the only person who can truly heal you is YOU, as you take back responsibility for addressing your own personal cause of dis-ease. 

Mental Emotional Equilibrium:
In order to achieve this inner balance you need to remember that you are the master of your own energy.
The faculties of ATTENTION in the mind and FEELING in the emotional body are there to serve you but you need to be a responsible Director! Whatever you place your attention on you are accepting into your feeling world and thus inviting it to outpicture in your life situations. Unfortunately so much of our modern visual media bring messages that are not constructive; from over reporting of all that is not right in the world, to advertising of innutricious, health robbing food, drink and pharmaceuticals; to ‘reality TV’ showcasing destructive or competitive relationships; to gaming and movies that glorify war, violence, crime and degradation; destructive music videos … the list goes on.
YET you do have the option to hit that OFF Button and to use your own power of VISUALISATION to place your attention on pictures of positive inspiration that will feed your mental and emotional being with good things and enable you to draw towards yourself the peace, happiness, beauty and wealth that you truly deserve.

In our sessions together I can assist you to explore where your self limiting thought patterns and distressing feelings stem from. Understanding their cause gives you back the power to resolve things in a different way, to reprogramme how you think, feel, act and respond going forward.

Intuitive Bodywork:
Believe it or not, our physical appearance represents the outpicturing of all our past qualifications – ie – the solidified accumulation of our thoughts and feelings and our habitual behaviour! Our body and energy field register the cellular memory of every experience we have been through.
The key to permanently releasing long held pain and trauma from the body is to work consciously with transforming its emotional causes while giving the physical healing. When the emotional cause is reversed, its effect on the body is released.
If we want physical perfection then we need to put some serious effort into cleaning up our thoughts and feelings about ourselves… we need to start LOVING ourselves enough to choose to honour the temple of our body, instead of abusing it! … Imagine if we cherished and blessed our body parts each day in gratitude for them carrying us through this life, instead of always noticing their shortcomings! If you want health, strength, perfect vision, hearing etc… you need to decree it and charge it into your flesh!

Any body work I offer in sessions is a conscious collaboration with you that might incorporate breathwork, postural guidance, simple stretching and movement exercises, sound healing, or hands on acupressure or massage to assist you to release pain or stuck energy and restore flow and health.


Breath and Vocal Sound:
In our modern ‘busy’ lives, we often overlook the most basic of Life’s Gifts and thus rob ourselves of the natural rhythms that bring balance and health – the simple cycle of Breathing In and Breathing Out / of Receiving and Releasing is just one example.
When we hold on to stress in the body we have literally stopped the breath in those spaces and of course, this lack of oxygenation creates pain, stiffness and loss of function. These issues can be reversed simply by bringing awareness and breath back into those areas to release the stuck energy with loving attention. 

Breath and Sound go hand in hand… a beautiful example of co-creation in action! If you wish to manifest anything in your world you must use your voice and command it to be! As the Audible Light Ray, Sound has the ability to penetrate all substance thus when it is focussed with a healing intention into any part of life in need, it can shatter the dissonance locked in there to restore harmony and balance.

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I am so grateful for the gift of my speaking, sounding and singing voice which I love to use in healing service as part of my work with people. Check out my clients’ testimonials here…

Reparenting the Inner Child:
Perhaps the greatest cause of our personal unhappiness is our tendancy towards emotional enmeshment and subtle manipulation dynamics in our primary relationships… in a misguided bid for unconditional love and acceptance, or an overwhelming urge to ‘rescue’ our nearest and dearest, we spend more time invested in everybody else’s business than we do in our own! Often these maladaptive patterns are learnt early in life and may require conscious reparenting of our ‘inner child’.
Over many years I have developed my own unique ‘Conscious Parenting‘ approach. This profound process invites both self nurturing and self responsibility. I am a compassionate guide to support you to bring healing and resolution to deeply held hurts and early emotional trauma. Our work and play! together will bring a new wisdom and forgiveness to those past experiences so that you and your loved ones are ‘given back’ into the loving care of each one’s own Divine Presence as the true source of unconditional love and direction for your lives.

“Experience your own heart’s power to balance, heal and regenerate your being. Release and resolve hurt and trauma within a safe, nurturing space.
CONTACT ME below to make an appointment TODAY!”


What is my philosophy of healing?

LIGHT, LOVE, COLOUR and SOUND are at the heart of all the healing techniques that I use to assist life.  Love is the true healer of all… and love and light are one…The Original Source of Divine Perfection.

Colour and Sound are both CREATIVE MANIFESTATIONS OF LIGHT. Colour is the substance of light clothed in specific QUALITIES, Sound is the vibratory ACTION produced by those qualities. Sound condenses this Universal Light Substance into FORM thus everything in existence has a sound vibration.

In reality, Light Rays are Flames – take the example of our Physical Sun, the Source of Love and Light to our Planet; you can see its light and feel its fiery warmth, both of which are needed to grow and sustain all life on our Earth.

As co-creators with LIFE we can use these same life giving flames to bless, heal, free and expand perfection in our own bodies and the life around us.

The simplicity of true healing is beautiful.
All that we need to do to restore perfect health and balance is to REQUALIFY THE ORIGINAL LIGHT PATTERN upon that which has had limitation imposed on it. In reality we are Eternal Divine Beings of Love and Light… somewhere along the way we forgot this great truth! Within our physical heart is the eternal unfed flame that is our oneness with all life. Through conscious attention we can expand this flame and connect with its limitless intelligence to direct and guide us on our path.

As creative beings with free will, every thought and feeling we have, every word we speak, every action we take creates a form whether that be physical or energetic. These forms produce an effect that we are then responsible for, in and around our bodies, our environment or to whomever or wherever our intent is directed. The images opposite of Dr Emoto’s water crystals reveal the profound effect of our words upon life. Bear in mind that humans are composed of 70% water!
What this fundamentally means is that all human illness, be it physical, mental or emotional, acute or chronic is self generated or self sustainedEven the cause of so called ‘genetic’ or ‘inherited’ illness lies in a maladaptive pattern of behaviour or unresolved issue that is being accepted, imprinted and repeated down through the generations. Epidemics also have their cause in collective fear energetics that are imposed on the masses and taken ‘on board’ by those with a weakened self defense mechanism. The GOOD NEWS is that WE CAN reverse all energy that has been creatively misused by calling our own Divine Healing Presence into action. We have the power within our Life to demand the reversal of all human illness and suffering from our beings and world!

“Take a moment now, as you bring yourself to stillness to send YOUR LOVE TO THE LIFE that gives you life; to the Breath that breathes you, then allow yourself to accept that love as it is returned in the fullness of a breath, feel it fill your whole body and rest in that Peace.. Now bring your attention to the light in your heart that is your direct connection to this Greater Life and announce through your spoken word your eternal existence… I AM I AM I AM!… feel this command of your own divinity resonate out into your energy field…”

Chart of the Mighty I AM Presence. Saint Germain Press©

“I AM” Decrees:
As it says in the christian bible “In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” That great, creative Word ‘I AM’ is your own Divine God Presence of Life. When you say and feel these  words ‘I AM’ you are opening the door to your eternal supply of that for which you call to flow into your hands and use. Clearly you need to be discerning that what you place after these two words is positive and constructive and does not negate the very thing that you really wish to manifest… eg. I am not well… being an eternal fiat, its action will continue until such time as you recall that energy, consume its imperfection and requalify your I AM decree with what you truly desire to be.

Violet Consuming Flame
This beautiful, purifying flame consumes mistakes, negativity, suffering and distress and replaces them with Love’s perfection and divine order… truly God’s gift of GRACE. You can call your Divine Presence into Action to blaze that Violet Consuming Flame in and around your body, your home, your loved ones, your business, your environment or into any world condition that requires the permanent healing and freedom that mankind alone can never achieve. It truly is a Magical, Miracle, Sacred Fire Activity that only requires your feeling of love sent to your Presence to call it into action along with your visualisation of it blazing up and around the condition for a few moments to perpetuate its perfecting activity. Try it out, make it a part of your daily routine and watch your world transform for the better!

Golden Liquid Light
This is the ultimate tonic for health in the body. It soothes all irritated nerve conditions and aching joints. It harmonises and brings great illumination in the mind. It reawakens the JOY that is Life’s natural keynote. Visualise its healing essence flowing from the Presence, down through the top of the head and flooding the brain structure, spinal column and in and around all the joints of the body.
Pink Flame
The action of the pink flame is divine compassion, nurturing love, mercy and healing to all it contacts. It quiets, eases and soothes all ruffled feathers! It is the perfect antidote for irritation, frustration, anger and grief . Visualise it enfolding you or your loved ones whenever they are in need of loving care.
Blue Flame
Containing pure electronic force, the blue flame is a powerful protection against all that is not of the Light. It can be used with great purpose and focus to instantly cut life free from any destructive substance or energy that has bound itself to the person, place or condition. It represents Divine Power and Authority.