Voice Healing 2019 Masterclass

Cultivate your Own Sacred Voice Healing Presence through this progressive series of weekend modules…
DO YOU feel called to use your Voice in Service?
ARE YOU a Health Practitioner wishing to expand what you offer?
ARE YOU seeking a sacred pathway for Self Development?

Caroline Beazley is delighted to share her very own HeartSong Voice Sound Healing modality for the first time through this 2019 Masterclass Series. These weekend modules will be offered from the serene space of Vartamana Retreat in the beautiful, Auckland Waitakere Ranges. Limited accomodation is available for those travelling from afar.

‘EMBODIED VOICE’ – February 2nd-3rd

‘DIVINE VOICE’ – April 6th-7th

‘CREATIVE VOICE’ – August 3rd-4th


In this module we lay the foundations for safe and potent voice sound healing practice by truly embodying our voice within our own physical beings! Our Heart’s Call is to come into our true purpose of Voice Sound Healing Power through FULLY EMBODIED PRESENCE and SELF MASTERY.

During this two days we will explore ourselves as a conduit for sacred sound healing through:

  • Heart-Centred Sacred Sound Resonance
  • Deepening our stillness and inner listening
  • Voice Mechanics & Breathing to expand our Sound Container
  • ‘BodySong’ Movement to release stuck energy and replace it with nurturing self love
  • Reframing diagnostic body symptoms to embrace metaphysical healing
  • Assessment and treatment of illness through the Paradigm of Intuitive Sound 
  • Co-creation of Life Giving ‘I AM’ Self-Healing Affirmations
  • ‘Elemental’ Healing – Fire, Air, Water, Earth
  • Luminous Presence / Breath of Flame Visualisation
  • Introduction to “Sacred Fire” Colour as Healing Sound Vibrations
  • Giving & Receiving Sound Healing in small groups
  • “Sacred Earth One Voice” Group Sound Healing to “give back” to the Nature Beings of Earth

‘DIVINE VOICE’ – Module Two

During this two days we are privileged to lift our vibration and touch the Divine through our voice sound explorations. This is an initiation for those with a heartfelt desire to use their voice in service to humanity in cooperation with the Beings of the Angelic Realms.

  • We will connect to Our Own Source of Light through the Unfed Flame in our hearts
  • We will expand our understanding and use of the Sacred Fire Colour Flames touched on in Module One as a source of self purification, healing love and protection in our service
  • Through our Sound Invocations, we will invite the Presence of Healing Angels and the Ascended Masters who oversee the healing activities of the Music of the Spheres to be our teachers in this module
  • We will experience our own Divine Golden Voice of Truth by calling to our own Higher Presence for personal guidance.
  • We will take time to listen deeply In Silence after each practice to further integrate and journal the divine gifts and messages given us
  • We will mindmap as a group the Divine Qualities we wish to live by and explore each one through creative sound and movement inspiration
  • There will be opportunity to give and receive regenerative angelic healing to each other as well as a ‘Sacred Earth One Voice’ planetary healing.

‘CREATIVE VOICE’ – Module Three

The skills you have gathered in the first two modules combine and are added to in this weekend workshop, enabling you to truly OWN YOUR MAGNIFICENCE  as we refine our creative, expressive ability through Sound, Drama and Voice Manifestation Magic!

Over this two days you will discover:

  • Sound is an empowering tool that enables you to instantly penetrate the essence of any concept, quality, substance or energy to reveal its truth beyond intellectual mindsets
  • You can utilise your Creative Voice to help you shape your visions and intentions into concrete plans to manifest all that your heart desires
  • The three creative ingredients that mould consciousness into form
  • A five step process to Divine Manifestation
  • Playful Ways and Magical Solutions to overcome the personal challenges that have prevented you from having the fullest success in your life endeavours to date
  • how to work therapeutically with others by giving and receiving coaching as you try on these creative self expression techniques
  • ‘Sacred Earth One Voice’ Group Visioning Sound Healing to restore Earth to her original luminous beauty and divine plan fulfilled

It is strongly recommended that you have had experience of Caroline’s services or book in a private session with her before committing to undertake this training.

Registration is accepted on the basis that you intend to complete all three modules.

Workshop days run from 10am – 5pm. You will need to bring your own lunch and snacks.

Fee per 2 day module is $350 payable in advance or $300 if all 3 modules are paid up front as a single payment. In the instance where you are unable to attend a module due to extenuating circumstances, full or partial refund of fees will be considered at Caroline’s discretion.

This is an intimate venue so spaces are limited. $150 deposit is required to hold your place upon acceptance of your registration.

Please fill out the form below if you wish to register for this Masterclass and Caroline will make contact with you to book in a face-face or skype contact.