‘2020 Vision’ Online Divine Manifestation Programme

STARTS MONDAY 9th December 2019


  • Do you have a deep desire for your life to be different going into 2020?
  • Perhaps you want to be a New and more Authentic Version of Yourself?
  • OR you want to attract and nurture more fulfilment in your relationships?
  • Are you in need of INSPIRATION for a Creative Project?
  • Perhaps you are Birthing or Developing a New Business Idea?
  • Maybe you already have well defined goals but you are finding it a lonely journey and would appreciate the connection and momentum offered by being part of a group of kindred spirits?
  • OR you need a fresh pair of eyes to support you to identify and overcome the less conscious obstacles holding you back from manifesting your visions?

 This is an opportunity for you to create the cup into which your own Divine Presence can pour its blessings, for all that you wish to unfold in the coming year.

These next seven sacred weeks are the perfect time for you to weave and cast your dreams into the Divine fabric that supports us all as we bring more light into ourselves and the world moving forward into a new decade!

Join me online as I share my own HEART LIGHT creative processes to guide your journey to manifesting your 2020 vision.

Over a period of seven weeks, we will move through the following three stages:

  1. Contemplation
  2. Inspiration
  3. Manifestation

These components and programme activities have been purposefully woven in to align with the Cosmic Light Energies at work in the coming weeks. That, combined with our own group energy in holding space for conscious manifestation in cooperation with the Divine Plan creates a potent vessel for victorious achievement in all that we hope to do!

“Imagine what a different world we would live in if more of us actually took hold of our courage to follow our heart’s call and do what we know is the right thing for us rather than stagnate in situations that hold us repressed and depressed!”                      Caroline Beazley

 Resonate with what you are reading?

Curious to know more?


‘Embodied Voice’ Workshop

November 9th 2019 Waitakere, Auckland

 August 30th 2019 Wängi, Switzerland

“Free your True Self. Live your Joy.”

Discover vocal sound as a soul nurturing tool that empowers you to be more PRESENT in your physical being and thus more POTENT in your interaction with the world around you…

In this one day workshop we will honour the marriage of breath, voice, sound and silence within our bodies to become more present to ourselves, to dwell more deeply in our physical beings, to connect to our Divine Self, to walk more sacredly upon the earth and to discover the pure, nurturing and healing power of colour and light through intentional sound vibration.

In this 1 day workshop you will experience:

  • Heart-Centred Sacred Sound Resonance
  • Luminous Presence / Breath of Flame Visualisation
  • Voice Mechanics & Breathing to expand your Sound Container
  • ‘Sacred Fire’ Colour as Healing Sound Vibrations
  • ‘BodySong’ Movement to release stuck energy and replace it with nurturing self-love
  • Training your stillness and inner listening
  • Creation of ‘I AM’ Self-Healing Affirmations
  • Giving & Receiving Soothing Intentional Sound in small groups
  • Group Sound Healing to the Nature Beings


November 9th in Auckland 10am – 6pm

Aio Wira Retreat Centre: 8 Aio Wira Road, Waitakere, Auckland 0781

Workshop Fee: NZ $190. Can be paid in weekly installments but must be paid in full by 8th November.

EMBODIED VOICE Workshop Registration Form:

To register for this workshop, please fill out and submit the form below and Caroline will be in touch with bank account details for your fee payment: