Healing Body Mind Spirit

Sacred Healing techniques that empower you to activate your own Healing Presence and Self Mastery.

An integrated, mind, body, spirit, approach is the key to permanent healing on all levels.

The only person who can truly heal you is YOU, as you take back responsibility for addressing your own personal cause of dis-ease.

My passion and expertise is to facilitate a healing space that enables you to reconnect with your own heart wisdom to make sense of your life experiences. Please see below the various approaches I use to support you to restore your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Typically I find that people benefit most from committing to a series of sessions to explore, address and resolve the longstanding health concerns or emotional issues they present with.

My focus is to re-empower you with the tools that you can then use yourself to sustain your own wellbeing. 

Intuitive Bodywork

Our body and energy field register the cellular memory of every experience we have been through. The key to permanently releasing long held pain and trauma from the body is to work consciously with transforming its emotional causes while giving the physical healing. When the emotional cause is reversed, its effect on the body is released.

Any body work I offer in sessions is a conscious collaboration with you that might incorporate breathwork, postural guidance, simple stretching and movement exercises, sound healing, or hands on acupressure or massage to assist you to release pain or stuck energy and restore flow and health.

Believe it or not, our physical appearance represents the outpicturing of all our past qualifications – ie – the solidified accumulation of our thoughts and feelings and our habitual behaviour!

If we want physical perfection then we need to put some serious effort into cleaning up our thoughts and feelings about ourselves… we need to start LOVING ourselves enough to choose to honour the temple of our body, instead of abusing it!

Imagine if we cherished and blessed our body parts each day in gratitude for them carrying us through this life, instead of always noticing their shortcomings! If you want health, strength, perfect vision, hearing etc… you need to decree it and charge it into your flesh!

Mental Emotional Equilibrium

In our sessions together I can assist you to explore where your self limiting thought patterns and distressing feelings stem from. Understanding their cause gives you back the power to resolve things in a different way, to reprogramme how you think, feel, act and respond going forward.

In order to achieve this inner balance you need to remember that you are the master of your own energy. The faculties of ATTENTION in the mind and FEELING in the emotional body are there to serve you but you need to be a responsible Director!

Whatever you place your attention on you are accepting into your feeling world and thus inviting it to outpicture in your life situations. Unfortunately so much of our modern visual media bring messages that are not constructive YET you do have the option to hit that OFF Button and to use your own power of VISUALISATION.

Place your attention on pictures of positive inspiration that will feed your mental and emotional being with good things and enable you to draw towards yourself the peace, happiness, beauty and wealth that you truly deserve.

Reparenting the Inner Child

Perhaps the greatest cause of our personal unhappiness is our tendancy towards emotional enmeshment and subtle manipulation dynamics in our primary relationships. In a misguided bid for unconditional love and acceptance, or an overwhelming urge to ‘rescue’ our nearest and dearest, we spend more time invested in everybody else’s business than we do in our own! Often these maladaptive patterns are learnt early in life and may require conscious reparenting of our ‘inner child’.

Over many years I have developed my own unique Conscious Parenting approach. This profound process invites both self nurturing and self responsibility. I am a compassionate guide to support you to bring healing and resolution to deeply held hurts and early emotional trauma. Our work and play! together will bring a new wisdom and forgiveness to those past experiences so that you and your loved ones are ‘given back’ into the loving care of each one’s own Divine Presence as the true source of unconditional love and direction for your lives. Learn more about my inner child healing approach.

Breath & Vocal Sound

In our modern ‘busy’ lives, we often overlook the most basic of Life’s Gifts and thus rob ourselves of the natural rhythms that bring balance and health – the simple cycle of Breathing In and Breathing Out  – of Receiving and Releasing is just one example.

When we hold on to stress in the body we have literally stopped the breath in those spaces and of course, this lack of oxygenation creates pain, stiffness and loss of function. These issues can be reversed simply by bringing awareness and breath back into those areas to release the stuck energy with loving attention. 

Breath and Sound go hand in hand… a beautiful example of co-creation in action! If you wish to manifest anything in your world you must use your voice and command it to be!

As the Audible Light Ray, Sound has the ability to penetrate all substance thus when it is focused with a healing intention into any part of life in need, it can shatter the dissonance there to restore harmony and balance. Find out more on my Voice Sound Therapy page.

Kia ora Caroline, I would just like to take the time to thank you for all the healing that you have given me over the years. I have experienced the many different healing modalities which you incorporate in our sessions, I have loved and felt the full benefits of them all. Your healing consultations have really helped me to move through deep emotions attached to my grief. Nga mihi Caroline.     


Caroline is amazingly intuitive and was able to guide me to acknowledge and release buried issues. I am recovering after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer last year. Physically I was apparently back to normal but felt deeply that something else was required for me to be truly well. After my sessions with Caroline, I have found my strength and center, now moving on my path in Grace.”   


For me, there were so many emotions that I was burying deep inside that I may have noticed but didn’t really LISTEN to and my body was storing those stories in unhealthy ways. Our bodywork session brought light to what was going on inside and made me really stop and listen… and start working through those buried emotions and I am so thankful for that. And Caroline, your kindness and nurturing spirit~ reminding me to stay true to myself has been my mantra for the last month.   


It has been a week since I got to meet you, feel your energy and hear the sound of my body in our bodywork session. I wanted to let you know how whole I felt after my healing session with you and how I felt as positive as I had not felt in a long time. 


Experience your own heart’s power to balance, heal and regenerate your being. 

Release and resolve hurt and trauma within a safe, nurturing space. 

BOOK in for your free 15 min consultation with Caroline.

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