Heart Action

Compassionate Group Collaboration to focus the Power of Love with the intention to restore Peace and Balance for all life on our planet.

If you truly resonate with the desire to DO SOMETHING to make our world a happier, more peaceful, more beautiful environment in which to live both now and for the future prosperity of generations to come then consider participating in our ‘Heart Action’ Events.

Would it surprise you to know that you CAN really, truly make a difference by focusing your heart’s energy of LOVE to change any condition you turn your attention to? AND that when we come together as a group with this intention and focus, our power to change these conditions is amplified exponentially?

According to the Heart Math Institute who have spent many years researching Heart Resonance, the Heart’s Electromagnetic Field is about 100,000 times stronger electrically than the brain and 5000 times stronger, magnetically.

We CAN and DO have the potential to create positive change through pure heartfelt intention. Just like a stone thrown into a pond sends out ripples, so too can we energetically affect discordant thought and feeling through positive Heart Resonance.



“Sacred Earth One Voice”

One of my great joys is to give back to the Being of Earth, the Nature Beings and the Forces of the Elements by facilitating Collective Earth Sound Healing Events. Our intention through our sounds is to remove the frightful impurity mankind has imposed on Nature to restore our Beloved Planet back to its pristine self. In a simple way, through our loving intention, breath and voice, we can make a real difference towards restoring harmony and balance wherever in the world there is pollution or desecration of earth, air or waterways.. I have no doubt that our sound healing is received – the evidence is always there because the elements show up every time to make their presence felt in the wind, the rain, the sun, the rainbows! Most often the people who join me have never participated in any sound work and they always say it has been the most profound experience of their lives. Why you might ask? Because our bodies are also made of these elements and the results of our efforts are immediately and personally felt! I wholeheartedly invite you to join us at our next event to experience this for yourself – your voice is needed and you can make a difference in this simplest of ways! 

October 8th-10th 2017 “Women Wage Peace” Rally, Jerusalem

This is a grassroots movement whereby thousands of Palestinian and Israeli women are coming together from Sept 23rd to Oct 10th  to march the four corners of their land, calling for a Peace Agreement between Palestine and Israel that will end War once and for all. They have invited community and political leaders to join them in their cause to NOT STOP UNTIL THERE IS AN AGREEMENT. Watch their official rally song “Prayer of the Mothers” via the link below:


Lets join our Sisters in the Middle East and around the globe in calling for Peace by singing this song and sending our Heart’s Love and Peace to enfold them All!


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