Bonds of Love

2019 is proving to be a busy year and also most enjoyable as the healing/teaching activities of my husband and I have brought us in contact with people from all over the globe. I am truly blessed and grateful to connect with so many dear hearts worldwide! Here at home, there have also been many special occasions shared with family and friends both new and old and these experiences have directed me in quieter moments to reflect on these BONDS OF LOVE as we travel along life’s path.

In looking into the meaning of the word ‘bond’ it is described as a force of attraction, an attachment or joining, something that ties or fastens thing together and also in the legal sense, something held as a commitment to repay a debt or guarantee security.

If we take a step back and look at the significant relationships we have had in our lifetimes, we can see these definitions reflected in the bonds of love we create for ourselves. Often our romantic connections arise most strongly out of an undeniable force of attraction or an instant inner knowing that ‘this is the one’. Then there are the friendships formed when we recognise kindred spirits in our extended family groups, the neighbourhoods we live in, or the various learning institutions we attend. Also there are the activities that bond us to others through our hobbies and interests, spiritual groups or work places.

I think if we are being honest we probably all hold our loved ones, friends and associates to our own idea of bond, commitment or unspoken debt of love!… and when they dont meet our expectation of loyalty… ‘all for one, one for all’… ‘love given love returned’… or whatever ‘conditions’ we place on our relationships… our true bond of love is quickly forgotten!

I’m sure it is not by accident, that we find some of our most challenging relationships exist within our own families or significant life/business partnerships… the greater wisdom knows that these are the relationships it is generally harder for us to walk away from, at least without giving things a good go!!! Speaking from a Soul perspective, these ‘bonds’ may extend back lifetimes – bonds created and played out over and over again, building a momentum of both good and bad AND YET THE TRUE BOND OF LOVE REMAINS, drawing us back together, ever awaiting the opportunity for us to resolve the old hurts, break the old contracts and go forward anew in loving, peaceful cooperation. [SIGH].

I am determined that the bonds of love will be the winner in my life now!… though oh my goodness, that is not easy when those old buttons are pushed… but as I continue to bring my conscious intention to every challenging situation I find myself in…

  • I AM getting better, little by little at not getting sucked into the ‘personality’ vortex of hurt emotions
  • I AM getting better at seeing the truth of the situation – taking responsibility to change my shortcomings and giving back responsibility to the other for that which they need to change
  • I AM MORE AWARE in those moments when that sinister force is trying to catch me off guard, or trip me up, or plant discord in the spaces where we are trying to create something beautiful and cooperative and life sustaining together

I also know deep inside myself that if someone is being unpleasant, it is probably an old script playing itself out and I CAN CHOOSE TO REWRITE MY PART IN THAT by actively calling forth the merciful, divine love and forgiveness that is needed to dissolve the old hurts, mine and theirs. I CAN CHOOSE TO STRENGTHEN MY BOND TO LOVE ITSELF and LET GO of the desire for resentment or retaliation that only perpetuates pain and suffering.

So try this out if you find yourself in a tug of war… LET GO OF THE ROPE, CUT THE TIE that binds you to a habitual, destructive relationship pattern or personality that does not respect your right to be treated fairly with dignity, honesty and kindness.

But please note I am not advocating cutting people out of your life, unless it is done to preserve your safety as in abusive situations. Even then, the unhealthy bond or emotional fallout within you still needs to be addressed to bring true healing and closure.

For the most part I have found that as my consciousness, lifestyle and life choices have changed, there has been more of a natural reshaping of the flow of people in and out of my circle. The truth is though that sometimes those endings have been painful and I do continue to pour my love and forgiveness into those circumstances in the hope that some day there may be a mutual resolution.

Ultimately though, we each have freedom of choice to live out our lives as we wish and I respect that. My LOVE for those who were once dear to me has not lessened in their absence and in my heart I KNOW IT IS OKAY, personalities may come and go but the true bond of love between us remains forever…

With Loving Compassion

Caroline ♥

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Divine Helpers

In the upper atmosphere of earth there exist many benevolent beings of Light and Love who we can call on for assistance to bring our heart’s desires into manifestation. Humans are endowed with the creative powers of life, yet, in becoming enmeshed in the illusion of our physical existence, we have forgotten our divine heritage and capacity to act as co-creators with the Greater life for the expansion of love in this world. All you need to do is open your heart and call these Great Ones to come closer to you and ask them to teach you of their divine gifts. They will always answer you in Miracle Ways!

Elohim: The Great Cosmic Beings known as the Seven Mighty Elohim are the Builders of this system of worlds. Their Sevenfold Flame of iridescent colours in the forehead of each life stream who embodies here, is their gift to us of their divine qualities of Illumination, Love, Purity, Strength, Protection, Peace and Divine Manifestation Power. 

Angels: Ever since I can remember, I have had a profound love for and awareness of the presence of Angels as Real Beings and Sacred Guardians of Life on Earth. These beautiful divine helpers ever stand ready to assist us in any activity which is constructive and fulfils the Divine Plan. Life has placed them here to render this service and answer our calls to annihilate all that is sinister and restore Purity, Love and Peace in its place. There are Legions of Angels we can call on in every domain of life’s activities be it music, healing or protection of ourselves, our homes and families, our creative business endeavours, or our nations. Below is a simple I AM decree you can use to call the Presence of Angels. Be sure to visualise and feel this reality as you speak it! 

“I AM Angels and Angels and Angels! In Limitless Legions Descend! I AM Angels and Angels and Angels! All of our loved ones defend! I AM Angels and Angels and Angels! Protecting now stand by us all! I AM Angels and Angels and Angels! Fulfil each instant our Call!”

Ascended Masters: Wholly Divine Beings, Ascended Masters are individuals who through their own self conscious effort, have earnt their eternal freedom from the chains of human limitations and mistakes. They embody pure love, light and perfection, and through the full, conscious use of their own God Presence within, wield “superhuman” power. They command complete mastery over all substance and energy and thus can move freely and at will anywhere in the Universe that their service is required. The Ascended Masters work at the inner levels of life to champion the expansion of the divine plan for the evolution of humanity and the earth. You might consider them your wise elder brothers and sisters that can be called on at any moment to support you on your own pathway to the Ascension. They have walked the same path as you and understand the challenges of every step. Now with limitless Light, Love and the All Knowing Mind of God at their command, they can help illumine your way and protect you in every activity you undertake that is constructive so long as your call is earnest, sincere and unselfish in its intent. Jesus the Christ in the Christian tradition is one such well known spiritual master who reached the attainment of enlightenment and through the example of his ascension and his great love, draws countless others towards the pathway of light. There are thousands of Ascended Masters and it is the true destiny of us all to sooner or later become the eternal outpicturing of our own Divine God Self. As soon as you accept this truth and begin making conscious effort to attain your ascension…. that process has begun and you cannot fail to experience greater mastery and perfection in your daily life.

Angel Blessings


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Turn On Your Heart Light!

‘HEARTLIGHT’  is the name I have given to the creative processing services I offer, that support you to connect to your inner source of illumination to unfold and express your unique gifts….

My love affair with this name began with the Neil Diamond hit song “Turn on your Heartlight” released in 1982. I was a teenager at the time and those lyrics touched my heart and resonated with my deepest knowing even then, that there was something truly magical within the heart, that when fanned into flame, can be a shining light to all it contacts.

Now so many decades on, it is my greatest joy to help others to connect with their own precious Heart Light, the eternal unfed flame that is our oneness with all life. When we connect with the Light within our hearts, we are in contact with the Supreme Source of Wisdom for our own spiritual journey and life purpose.  Through conscious attention we can expand this flame and connect with its limitless intelligence to direct and guide us on our path.


“Firstly, take a moment now, as you bring yourself to stillness to send YOUR LOVE TO THE LIFE that gives you life; to the Breath that breathes you, then allow yourself to accept that love as it is returned in the fullness of a breath, feel it fill your whole body and rest in that Peace.. NEXT bring your attention to the light in your heart that is your direct connection to this Greater Life and announce through your spoken word your eternal existence… I AM I AM I AM!… feel this command of your own divinity resonate out into your energy field…”


Something which I find helps me to connect to the wisdom of my Heart Light  is to place my hand over my heart, listen and feel its rhythm and then focussing on the light within, SOUND its essence!

TRUST the guidance that you receive.

Heartfelt perception is different for each of us and the wisdom which comes may be in the form of a picture, or memory recalled, or words, or a song that is heard or even a feeling that connects you to a deeper truth in that moment.

Be patient with yourself and stay in gratitude for whatever you receive… AND KNOW that in making time to connect with and honour your Heart’s Light it begins to expand that instant to bring you greater clarity and love to put into action in your daily life…. SO…

“Turn on your Heartlight!
Let it shine wherever you go!
Let it make a happy glow…
For all the world to see!
Turn on your Heartlight now… Turn on your Heartlight now!”    [Neil Diamond]



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Courage to walk your true path…

Greetings All,

Here we are already in the second month of 2018! I do hope the New Year has been kind to you all and you are settling in to the new energies that this year holds for you. Through this blog post I wish to offer you hope and inspiration  to:

The time is NOW and the world needs your love, your strength and most of all your LIGHT to make the transition necessary to usher in the more Enlightened Age for which we are destined.
So what is Courage and what does walking your true path mean exactly?

Well – I perceive Courage as a quality of Fearlessness and Determination to stand strong for a worthy purpose… your attention remains fixed and focused on achieving your goal NO MATTER WHAT APPEARS TO TRY AND THWART YOU!

Courage is the outpicturing of Self Mastery – having command of your emotional being that would succumb to the mass pressure or suggestion of fear, disappointment, limitation, poverty consciousness or whatever other “human” conditions we have all given power to, down through the centuries.

The truth is that if there is anything existing in your world that is not love and harmony or that does not give you the freedom of personal choice, then you need to face it and take your stand that it shall rule you no more! How many of you, for instance, remain in employment that may pay the bills but does nothing to enliven you or make you feel you are making the difference that you know in your heart you have come here to make???

Imagine what a different world we would live in if more of us actually took hold of our courage to follow our heart’s call and do what we know is the right thing for us rather than stagnate in situations that hold us repressed and depressed!
Truly ask yourself what is it that holds me back from taking the leap of faith I need to, in order to create the life that makes my heart sing???…

Perhaps you have become so comfortably numb in your current lifestyle that you wouldnt even know where your passion is anymore??? … Oh – I can hear all the “Yes Buts” coming… Yes they will come BUT you can choose to turn your back on them and simply CALL FOR THE COURAGE IT TAKES TO MAKE THAT FIRST STEP…

Look at the example of Fearlessness and Determination that shine from the eyes of the smallest of us when they are trying to walk… they might falter and fall but they get right back up and KEEP ON GOING until their own momentum becomes the self mastery that brings success STEP BY STEP!!!… and we are all born with that innate gift of courage that we can call forth and draw upon.

“Cour” is derived from the Latin word Cor meaning “Heart”… thus COURAGE is “The Age of the Heart” – the Timelessness of Eternity, the NOW where all things are possible so..

DARE to listen to that still voice of certainty in your heart that rings of Truth and calls you home to your light and ever propels you onward to expand and express the fullness of your true gifts of service in this world.

On the other side of that STEP INTO COURAGE is only greater freedom, delight, determination and courage to take the next step and the next…

I would love to hear your own stories of how summoning your courage to step out in a new direction to follow your inner compass has changed your life for the better… Lets inspire each other!

Sending Herculean Strength and Courage to You All to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires in 2018!


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Manifestation Magic

Are you in need of INSPIRATION for a Creative Project?
Perhaps you are Birthing or Developing a New Business Idea?
OR EVEN Redesigning a New and more Authentic Version of Yourself to go forward with?

…. If so then I warmly encourage you to come and participate in our MANIFESTATION MAGIC Retreat coming up in March at the Vartamana Retreat Centre in the Wonderful Waitakere Ranges, Auckland!!!

This is the first time I am sharing my own tried and true creative processes which I have used myself for many years to manifest my own deepest, heartfelt dreams and ambitions. I am offering this GROUP EXPERIENCE now at this point in time because I have received the inner prompting to ‘gather my people’ – those like minded souls who have a deep desire to create their lives in conscious cooperation with all life – the divine plan for a harmonious, synchronistic, unfolding evolution and true honouring of our Beloved Earth and all the Beings who exist here.

As with all of my truly creative ideas, the initial prompting for this workshop was with me upon waking one morning a few months ago…. and when I receive these promptings I act upon them! …. so that same day I began my unique manifestation ritual which opens the way for the flow of ideas to take shape. Mindmapping came next and within an hour I had the framework for this 3 day experience ready to go!

You will see by reviewing the workshop schedule that the creative components above have been purposefully woven into our 3 Day Magical Adventure. The choice to hold the event over 3 days and nights is a conscious one. So much of what we do in our physical, waking hours is added to from the spiritual realms as we take our intentions into the Great Silence of ‘sleep’ each night. My experience is that the fullness of those spiritual gifts are returned to me on the magical morning of that 3rd day…this all bodes well for our closing Sunday activities!! 

Given that our Summer is in full swing in March and there is a desire in us all to move through the day at a slower, more relaxed pace… you will note on the schedule that  our workshop blocks each day are planned to give freedom for travel and arrival time and scope to fit homelife activities in as well. Besides, as you can read from my own example above – if you hold a sacred space around your creative planning, the ‘magic’ mostly happens outside of your conscious mind, thus less time is needed to shape your eventual logical, step by step manifestation plans!

I have a deep love and gratitude for the Beings of Nature and the Forces of the Elements who will always support our creative endeavours when there is a divine, constructive intent… so I am thrilled to have the pristine Waitakeres as our playground for this workshop and you can count on the fact that We Will Give Back To Nature Our Heart’s Call For The Sustaining Of It’s Purity For Generations To Come!

This MANIFESTATION MAGIC experience promises to be a delight for your senses with activities to meet all aspects of your being from the magical inner child to the priest / priestess within. Our use of sacred ritual is the container for profoundly deep and  respectful manifestation… AND AS A GROUP WITH OUR ‘COLLECTIVE HEART’ we have the capacity to build far greater momentum than we can as individuals!

My hope is that this 3 day event marks the beginning of a group energy that we can take forward through the coming year to support each other as our visioning truly unfolds in a visible, tangible way for each of us. If your heart resonates with what you are reading here I would encourage you to be in touch with me NOW and REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN ATTENDING so that I can hold a space for your presence at the event through the coming holy weeks as the New Year energies are coming through…

In Joyful Anticipation of All The Good That Is To Come,

Caroline ♥

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I Am So Grateful…


It is Thanksgiving weekend in the United States of America which honours the truly beautiful customary practice of giving thanks for all of Life’s Blessings.

“I AM SO GRATEFUL”… in truth these four simple words are the way in which we can release the flow of our Heart’s Love that will then draw back to us greater abundance.

“In the Giving is the Receiving” is another way of saying this. If you look around at the beauty of our natural world you will see the example of Life giving freely of its blessings without expectation of return. When there is a harmonious flow in that way, all the various parts of life just naturally work together in perfect, cooperative synergy to expand that beauty and perfection.

Us humans on the other hand spend far too much time counting the cost of our contributions as if they belonged to us in the first place! In reality they do not! They are Life’s Gifts and Powers loaned to us for our use… God Is The Giver Of All Good Things and if we would only remember to give gratitude back where it belongs, we would open the floodgates for more of those treasures to come in.

Its easy to take life for granted while all is going well but when we are faced with an inconvenience, or an illness, or a breakdown of something we habitually use, or a disaster of some kind… well that certainly reminds us how all these things big and small act together to bless each moment of our day!

In our modern world we have conveniences that previous generations would be astounded and delighted by. I remember for example, my father speaking of “washing day” in his home growing up when his mother would boil a huge copper on the wood fire stove to deal with the household washing… with the larger families of that time, that process would take all day!…. now with our dishwashers and washing machines, we push a few buttons and walk away… how lucky we are!… And what about all these digital devices that we habitually use and curse if they should stop working perfectly… each and every component has come into being through some person’s labour of love or inventive intelligence… do you ever think about that?? Have you ever considered blessing that computer that stores and displays your precious information or giving gratitude for the transportation that carries you and your loved ones from A to B, be it across town or around the world??….hmmmm… my list could go on and on!

… YES we truly have so much to be grateful for… SO TRY COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS instead of your costs, your troubles and your problems and I promise you, the gift of your Heart’s Love In Gratitude will return to you a thousand fold, every good thing in a myriad of ways!

Sending Waves of Gratitude and Joy to You All…



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Overcoming Betrayal

It seems to me one of the hardest experiences to fathom or overcome is when you feel you have been personally betrayed by someone you have held in esteem or regarded as friend, family, partner or confidante.

Betrayal is a deep wounding of the heart, a breach of trust and loyalty by those you have shared your most vulnerable, authentic self with. The very nature of betrayal lies in its secretive undercurrents and deceptive actions which result in your shock when it is eventually revealed. It can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. This precipitates a personal crisis characterised by a feeling of loss of security and purpose; the relationship you have carefully nurtured ceases to make sense anymore and you are left heartbroken and confused about how this could have happened to you and how things could have gone so terribly wrong.

So what motivates someone to betray another?

Betrayal is one of the shadow aspects of Love thus ultimately it is a misguided attempt on the part of the betrayer to fulfil an unmet need or receive love in some form or another. Betrayal can be fueled by jealousy, rage, grief or a sense of being unrequited, it can be a form of attention seeking or self promotion or selfish entitlement. It can even be a subtle form of ‘tall poppy syndrome’, a destructive intent to ‘cut down’ someone whose light is shining too brightly, who threatens the status quo or the position of others.

However it manifests, betrayal is ugly… so how can you move forward after a betrayal and open your heart again to love and trust another?
REFRAME THE EXPERIENCE TO YOUR BENEFIT BY FOCUSSING ON THE GIFTS IT BRINGS… GIFTS you say???? … YES, even in the darkest of circumstances, we can look for the light it brings, FOR IN REALITY THERE IS NO ENEMY… just an energy that challenges us to live more and more in our truth!
Below are a few tips  to help you on your way…
  1. Self nurturing – one gift of betrayal is that it reminds you to be loyal to yourself first, to trust and back yourself. If you have made self approval wholly conditional on the feedback you receive from others, then now is the perfect time to take back your power, return to filling your own cup and validating yourself. Nobody knows your inner intention better than you do, so if you know you are acting with integrity, why would you continue to allow someone else make you second guess yourself???
  2. Make a list now of all your key strengths, many of which will have been revealed through this experience and CELEBRATE WHO YOU ARE and BE GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE SPECIAL QUALITIES YOU POSSESS that no one can ever take from you!
  3. Look at the situation objectively. Write down the facts of what happened then look more analytically at how one event led to another. What responsibility can you take for how things unfolded and what issues need to be placed back with the others involved. Be completely honest with yourself and look at what you need to change to be a better person going forward.
  4. Compassionate Forgiveness – When your feelings are hard, keep calling Divine Love and Light to enfold you and all concerned to resolve the hurt of the betrayal. As humans we have all made mistakes at some point in time… the Sun still shines on us all no matter what we have done! and so too can we choose to give to ourselves and others, the divine justice we truly wish to see in the world. Meeting destructive thought, feeling or action with more of the same merely builds more hate and binds us further to the misery caused by the original insult. Say NO to that energy by refusing to give it any more of your attention.
  5. Place your attention and your life energy where it can truly make a difference. Live by your Light and that can only expand and draw back more of itself into your world until inevitably THE SHADOWS ARE NO MORE.
Oceans of Love to you All
Caroline ♥
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To Lead or Not to Lead…

“To Lead Or Not To Lead”…

Welcome to my first ever HeartSong Blog! 

This blog, along with my willingness to stand up and be counted as a leader, has been a very long time coming!

While I have always been recognised for my leadership ability from as far back as primary school; I can honestly say that I have not sought out positions of leadership as an adult. My focus has always been one of service to humanity and in my professional work I have preferred to remain on the ‘frontline’ of care working alongside people in their healing journey to effect change at an individual level and in a deeply personal way.

More than this though, I was always acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with being a leader.

Being in a position of authority is a trust and a privilege and I knew deep inside myself that it really mattered to me that I could 100% hand on heart, stand behind whatever activity  it was that I was leading.

One of my biggest fears in life has been, that my suggestion, influence or action would lead somebody down the wrong path, thus I have waited a very long time and done a lot of inner work in readiness for the moment when I would finally stand fully in my power as a Leader in the Light.

I do feel, age, to a degree, has something to do with our acceptability, at least by others, as a leader…. and yet there are the rare few, exceptional individuals whose inner wisdom shines out of their young personas enough to make people stop and listen.

Inevitably what now helps me to feel more comfortable with referring to myself as a leader, is framing it as “Leadership of the Heart”. For me this is true leadership and a worthy cause to champion. If some of the current political and governmental leaders would lead from their hearts with greater integrity, the world might not be in quite the same chaos as it seems right now!

So what are a couple of the qualities I aspire to in leading from the heart?
First and foremost in recognising my Heart’s connection to the Greater Life that gives me life I am really expressing the Divine Intelligence that I call to as the True Director and Leader of me!

It is a discipline and a practice in patience to wait for this direction and prompting of the perfect time and way to take action to enable the divine plan for our intentions to unfold and manifest for the greatest good to come through them.

It is said ‘No man is an island’ and where once I might forge ‘head first’ into ‘trying to make something happen’, after long years of bitter experience, I have finally learnt now to call for divine intervention and thenLet Go and Let God’. In surrendering my own expectation of outcome I have discovered, to my delight, that life has given back to me, in divine timing, an abundance of blessings. Often, this has been in surprising, unpredictable ways and not necessarily through the channels my logical mind would have anticipated.

Another quality of heart leadership I feel called to speak about today is putting “love into the little things”. This speaks to both Presence and Love, two ingredients that are necessary for us to be truly effective in manifesting positive change. In my view Love is the only true Redeeming Presence and change will never be permanent unless it is achieved peacefully and with loving intention for the freedom of all life that may be affected by it.

 So, in summary, I encourage you to step into your LEADERSHIP MAGNIFICENCE when you are good and ready but always keep in mind that WE ALL LEAD in big and little ways every day through our Presence and our Love wherever we give service!
Oceans of Love to you All
Caroline ♥
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