Life Design

Creative Processing that supports you to connect to your inner source of illumination to unfold and express your unique gifts.

 Discover what makes your heart sing!
Reconnect with playfulness and joy!
Live the life of your heart's desire!
Let your true colours shine!


Are You...

Seeking a deeper purpose or new direction for your life?

Aware you are destined for greater things but do not yet know
what that is or how to bring it into being?

In need of courage & confidence...

to really express your creative gifts
to their fullest capacity?



Experience Caroline's inspiring HEARTLIGHT Life Design Processes...

"The Magic Presence" Saint Germain Press©

In this enlightening and self empowering process I will assist you to connect with your own Source of Wisdom and knowing of the Divine Plan for your life. 

I facilitate these sessions from my home-based, sacred space which has been used exclusively for the purpose of creative pursuits and healing activities for seventeen years. Being in this peaceful environment be it in person or online, will support you to quiet your mind, relax and open your senses so that you can listen to the wisdom of your own heart's light with greater ease.

I will guide you with voice, breath, sound and visualisation to connect through the heart with your own Divine Presence of Light and Love, Truth and Wisdom. You can also find more tips on how to "TURN ON YOUR HEARTLIGHT" in my HeartSong Blog.

  • Unlock your own treasure house of creativity!
  • Reawaken your deepest desires to express the unique gifts your higher self holds for you
  • Receive insights through this unique heart centering process
  • Create a practical plan for making your new life design a reality!
  • I employ creative techniques such as Mind Mapping, Colour Consciousness and Therapeutic Self Expression  that will enable you to explore your potential beyond your previous limitations.
  • I am also available to support you with ongoing Mentoring and SuperVision of your Life Design endeavours.

What Clients Say...

"Heart Light Consultations with Caroline on both occasions has given me direction for my present life situation and inspiration for the future! I learnt what areas were creating blocks to my life flow. It helped me feel empowered and in touch with my life journey. Caroline helped me to access the deep hidden layers of emotion I had buried in my subconscious. I would highly recommend Caroline as a compassionate and skillful facilitator and highly recommend a consultation with her to anyone who is interested in learning more about their spiritual journey and life purpose." Helen...

"For my eighteenth birthday I was gifted a Heart Light Consultation with Caroline. I was making the transition from high school to university not knowing whether I was making the right decision for my future career and it felt like a huge decision. I was amazed at how much Caroline intuitively knew about me from the colours I had chosen. Not only was she right about everything she said about me but I also learnt more about myself. There was an automatic bond and I felt so comfortable talking to her. Caroline is delightful and an amazing guide to your own self discovery."       Sara  

"I recently experienced the wonder of a Heart Light session with amazing practitioner Caroline. The experience of choosing colours to explore my inner process was not something I had done before, but it only took a moment before I was designing my life with the colours I felt drawn to.  What unfolded was truly beautiful and amazing. The colours that I picked went straight to the heart of what my body, soul and heart was crying out for. Sometimes we need to stop talking, thinking,trying, striving and just let our inner wisdom speak into our lives and situations and guide us to find our centre and path. My experience with Caroline has allowed me to start this journey in a joyous and life giving way. Thank you Caroline!"   Brigid...

"The Heart Light session enabled me to be awake and alert, PRESENT without my busy, wandering mind. It allowed me to relax and see how I feel. I am able to see things more clearly and understand why things of the past upset me. I feel PEACE and CONTENTMENT. "      Peter...


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