Meet Caroline

Caroline Beazley facilitates creative life design processes and health giving therapies that support you to be the expression of LOVE that You Truly Are…

I offer a safe, nurturing space where you will be met with love, compassion and the respect that you deserve.

My nursing and counselling background has given me a deep understanding of the human condition and all its physical, emotional and mental realms of complexity. I also have advanced training and experience in intuitive colour, voice / sound healing and therapeutic bodywork.

My passion and expertise is guiding people into their inner landscape to make meaning of their life experiences.

I help people to free their TRUE SELF and find courage and confidence to EXPRESS THEIR UNIQUE GIFTS so that they can live a life that they love and expand more joy and creativity in this world!

Payment for Service:

Due to the deep nature of the work I do with people, my consultations are generally 90 minutes long.

$150 – 60 mins    $225 – 90 mins

I work globally, so distance online sessions are available with payment via paypal [this will incur a small transaction fee]


“May any exchange between us be a gift that keeps on giving for the expansion of love in this world!”

“My work with Caroline Beazley particularly using her Sound Healing techniques has been a revelation to me.

I have battled chronic depression, post traumatic stress disorder, physical disability and anxiety for most of my life.

I have had counselling and therapeutic treatments before but NOTHING that has taken me further, healed me more or achieved such extraordinary personal growth as being a client of Caroline’s. 

As my trust in her grew – I challenge anyone NOT to trust her… impossible… I started dealing with the core issues I had only barely been able to touch on before. She knew exactly when to push me – I needed it and when to ‘hold’ me- I needed it.

Caroline has facilitated – well – miracles of change and advanced my own self acceptance and love of who I really am in a way I dared not dream possible.

I emerge as the best me on an ongoing basis. Thankyou Caroline. What you do is incredible.”       Georgina