"Caroline is amazingly intuitive and was able to guide me to acknowledge and release buried issues. I am recovering after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer last year. Physically I was apparently back to normal but felt deeply that something else was required for me to be truly well. After my sessions with Caroline, I have found my strength and center, now moving on my path in Grace."       Patricia

"Caroline's guidance has been such a gift. She embodies the tenderness and intuition of a divine mother. She holds space for me to connect with my inner child to heal and empower my Self. With the tools and patience that Caroline has offered me, I am learning how to love and parent my inner child in a way that positively affects all parts of me. The healing that has come from our first sessions has been life changing. She carries an awakened heart, and I'm humbled and inspired by the presence and insight she has cultivated. Thank you Caroline!"       Alicia

“I started seeing Caroline after wanting to deal with certain issues for a long time. There was an instant rapport, I loved her warmth and strength. After the very first meeting there was a string of very strange events in my life that still astound me. The details are irrelevant but very true to me and Caroline gently helped me unfold them, one by one and carefully see the light, colour and sounds in these situations and around them. Not only an interesting experience for me but a treat to behold, like begin a kid again - in a lolly shop! Caroline has a genuine love that is huge and that she’s happy to share. Feeling safe and loved in an environment that can only do good is something I’m very grateful for through her work with me and one that I wholeheartedly recommend. Support is a big word that many of our communities are a little short of, so I would like to promote that lovely word ‘support’ here too.”  Angela

"Heart Light Consultations with Caroline on both occasions has given me direction for my present life situation and inspiration for the future! I learnt what areas were creating blocks to my life flow. It helped me feel empowered and in touch with my life journey. Caroline helped me to access the deep hidden layers of emotion I had buried in my subconscious. I would highly recommend Caroline as a compassionate and skillful facilitator and highly recommend a consultation with her to anyone who is interested in learning more about their spiritual journey and life purpose."  Wiki

"My work with Caroline Beazley particularly using her Sound Healing techniques is a revelation to me. I have battled chronic depression, post traumatic stress disorder, physical disability and anxiety for most of my life. I have had counselling and therapeutic treatments before but NOTHING that has taken me further, healed me more or achieved such extraordinary personal growth as being a client of Caroline's. I didn't really understand always what we were doing, even though she explains so well. It didn't matter. As my trust in her grew, (I challenge anyone NOT to trust her - impossible!), I started dealing with the core issues I had only barely been able to touch on before. She knew exactly when to push me - I needed it; and when to 'hold' me- I needed it. This healing work is like nothing I have ever done before and is a powerful beautiful tool for growth and personal exploration. Without reservation I would encourage anyone to enter into this. It is the most worthwhile help I have ever had and I emerge as the best me on an ongoing basis. Caroline has facilitated well . . . miracles of change and advanced my own self acceptance and love of who I really am in a way I dared not dream possible. Thankyou Caroline. What you do is incredible."       Georgina

"Kia ora Caroline, I would just like to take the time to thank you for all the healing that you have given me over the years. I have experienced the many different healing modalities which you incorporate in our sessions, I have loved and felt the full benefits of them all. Your healing consultations have really helped me to move through deep emotions attached to my grief. Nga mihi Caroline."       Charlotte

"For my eighteenth birthday I was gifted a Heart Light Consultation with Caroline. I was making the transition from high school to university not knowing whether I was making the right decision for my future career and it felt like a huge decision. I was amazed at how much Caroline intuitively knew about me from the colours I had chosen. Not only was she right about everything she said about me but I also learnt more about myself. There was an automatic bond and I felt so comfortable talking to her. Caroline is delightful and an amazing guide to your own self discovery."       Sara   

"Dearest Caroline, I am writing to thank you for the beautiful experience I have had over the past year I got to work with you with sound healing.  My experience was so amazing, I was healed from a lot of deep hurts that I didn't even know were still there. You made me feel safe and comfortable enough to open myself up and let the healing process begin. You are an amazingly gifted healer and I feel honoured to have you help me through some of the hardest situations in my life. "      Katrina

"Dear Caroline, I would like to express my gratitude for the series of Sound Healing experiences I have had with you over the past few weeks. As well as this work being deeply healing, I also feel that you are a very gifted and compassionate healer and that what you bring to this work must add a greater depth to what I experienced. I felt so well held and safe in discussing why I had come and how the work could support me on my own personal journey. All of the sessions we have had together have been very different: - from the very passive, relaxing and deeply healing - in the truest sense after our first session I did feel like I had been 'made whole' - to the more active sounding work we have done - I never thought for a moment that I could have had such a voice of my own! These experiences have meant that I received healing, but also participated very actively in my own process. Not only have I experienced emotional and spiritual effects from our healing sessions, but I have also had a real elimination of physical pain from the very first time you did the sounding, and have had no recurrence of this pain to date. I have to say, I am certain that this is the work you were born to do and it has been a real blessing for me to have been a beneficiary of your gifts. Thank you!"      Alix

"Hi Caroline, I just want to say a huge thank you for your help and introducing me to voice sound therapy. It has been so powerful in healing me at the deepest levels. I was able to feel safe whilst vulnerable, and allow the power of sound resonance, vocalised intuitively through you, give voice to my pain so I could get out and heal what I may never have been able to put into words. This month was a much better month for me. So far after releasing and delicately confronting issues with sound healing, my usual pain from endometriosis and the other things we have been dealing with has had a big impact and has lessened my monthly pain. I found the sound healing working away for days after our sessions and I am truly grateful for the transfer of knowledge in how to apply the sound therapy outside of our appointments. I have spoken to friends and family about voice sound therapy in the hope that one day they will benefit from its unique healing power too."       Lauren

"I recently experienced the wonder of a Heart Light session with amazing practitioner Caroline. The experience of choosing colours to explore my inner process was not something I had done before, but it only took a moment before I was designing my life with the colours I felt drawn to.  What unfolded was truly beautiful and amazing. The colours that I picked went straight to the heart of what my body, soul and heart was crying out for. Sometimes we need to stop talking, thinking,trying, striving and just let our inner wisdom speak into our lives and situations and guide us to find our centre and path. My experience with Caroline has allowed me to start this journey in a joyous and life giving way. Thank you Caroline!"      Bronwen

"The Heart Light session enabled me to be awake and alert, PRESENT without my busy, wandering mind. It allowed me to relax and see how I feel. I am able to see things more clearly and understand why things of the past upset me. I feel PEACE and CONTENTMENT. "      Peter

"My neck which was quite sore before the sounding is fine now. I loved the sounds you gave at the pineal - found them uplifting and joyful - I felt "like a peacock" having its feathers ruffled up. At the throat I associated the cha, cha, soundscape with the feeling of being in a shipping yard where equipment was being cleaned with a wire brush 'getting rid of crusty barnacles". I felt your sounds clearing through the layers. This session has made me want to take action to cull what I don't need anymore so I have control of it - it doesn't have control of me! "      Alison

"Having lived with severe anxiety for so many years, I was amazed that I could relax because I have been so rigid for so long. During the sounding I recognised where the message I carried of "you're no good" "incompetent had come from. I came to the knowing "I am good" which before I have said but not felt in this way. Overall I had recognition of how much fear I feel. Now I have a sense of ease in my solar plexus, my shoulder is more relaxed and my L] ear doesn't feel so heavy."       Anne

"I had many colours and pictures arise during the sounding. I felt the breathing like ocean waves - effortless letting go and feeling lighter. I had the sense that the sounds penetrated my shell "Yes I can let go". I saw butterflies fluttering around my heart. The sounds above my solar plexus made me want to go into rolls of laughter. I felt the tension relax from my shoulders and my sinuses have cleared. I loved the experience."       Christine

"It has been a week since I got to meet you, feel your energy and hear the sound of my body in our bodywork session. I wanted to let you know how whole I felt after my healing session with you and how I felt as positive as I had not felt in a long time." Kristen

"For me, there were so many emotions that I was burying deep inside that I may have noticed but didn't really LISTEN to and my body was storing those stories in unhealthy ways. Our bodywork session brought light to what was going on inside and made me really stop and listen... and start working through those buried emotions and I am so thankful for that. And Caroline, your kindness and nurturing spirit~ reminding me to stay true to myself has been my mantra for the last month.... "      Mia


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