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To Lead or Not to Lead…

“To Lead Or Not To Lead”…

Welcome to my first ever HeartSong Blog! 

This blog, along with my willingness to stand up and be counted as a leader, has been a very long time coming!

While I have always been recognised for my leadership ability from as far back as primary school; I can honestly say that I have not sought out positions of leadership as an adult. My focus has always been one of service to humanity and in my professional work I have preferred to remain on the ‘frontline’ of care working alongside people in their healing journey to effect change at an individual level and in a deeply personal way.

More than this though, I was always acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with being a leader.

Being in a position of authority is a trust and a privilege and I knew deep inside myself that it really mattered to me that I could 100% hand on heart, stand behind whatever activity  it was that I was leading.

One of my biggest fears in life has been, that my suggestion, influence or action would lead somebody down the wrong path, thus I have waited a very long time and done a lot of inner work in readiness for the moment when I would finally stand fully in my power as a Leader in the Light.

I do feel, age, to a degree, has something to do with our acceptability, at least by others, as a leader…. and yet there are the rare few, exceptional individuals whose inner wisdom shines out of their young personas enough to make people stop and listen.

Inevitably what now helps me to feel more comfortable with referring to myself as a leader, is framing it as “Leadership of the Heart”. For me this is true leadership and a worthy cause to champion. If some of the current political and governmental leaders would lead from their hearts with greater integrity, the world might not be in quite the same chaos as it seems right now!

So what are a couple of the qualities I aspire to in leading from the heart?
First and foremost in recognising my Heart’s connection to the Greater Life that gives me life I am really expressing the Divine Intelligence that I call to as the True Director and Leader of me!

It is a discipline and a practice in patience to wait for this direction and prompting of the perfect time and way to take action to enable the divine plan for our intentions to unfold and manifest for the greatest good to come through them.

It is said ‘No man is an island’ and where once I might forge ‘head first’ into ‘trying to make something happen’, after long years of bitter experience, I have finally learnt now to call for divine intervention and thenLet Go and Let God’. In surrendering my own expectation of outcome I have discovered, to my delight, that life has given back to me, in divine timing, an abundance of blessings. Often, this has been in surprising, unpredictable ways and not necessarily through the channels my logical mind would have anticipated.

Another quality of heart leadership I feel called to speak about today is putting “love into the little things”. This speaks to both Presence and Love, two ingredients that are necessary for us to be truly effective in manifesting positive change. In my view Love is the only true Redeeming Presence and change will never be permanent unless it is achieved peacefully and with loving intention for the freedom of all life that may be affected by it.

 So, in summary, I encourage you to step into your LEADERSHIP MAGNIFICENCE when you are good and ready but always keep in mind that WE ALL LEAD in big and little ways every day through our Presence and our Love wherever we give service!
Oceans of Love to you All
Caroline ♥
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